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NIACINAMIDE, the versatile ingredient

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Niacinamide, aka the water soluble vitamin B3, is one of the ‘must haves’ ingredient in your skincare routine besides retinol and vitamin C.

Not only, it normalizes your skin’s oil production to avoid pores clogging, but it is a magical multi-tasking saver as it provides a range of benefits from keeping your breakouts in check, fading your hyperpigmentation, soothing redness with its anti inflammatory properties to even boost your skin’s hydration level.

Isn’t that impressive? If you haven’t included yet Niacinamide in your regular skincare routine, no wondering further as it is safe to use on all and any skincare type!

SAAura Glow has some exciting niacinamide products for you. Shop our skincare products for more goodness.

Meanwhile, you can learn more of this super ingredient here

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