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When ACNE manifest...Eeeks!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

We care about your skin at SA Aura Glow; We will bring the best and safest ingredients that your skin will thank you later. We all have been through acne at some point in our life and the path to clearing the skin has surely put you down because when we talk about acne, we talk about pigmentation. And often the pigmentation affects us more than the acne itself.

Note that we deal with two types of acne: non inflammatory acne which are typically white heads and blackheads and it’s good to know that they don’t cause pigmentation for our skin. Non inflammatory acne, on the other side however is the main problem. When you start to feel pressure on your skin, where a bump is formed and pain is felt, this is when sebum is built up along with fatty acid and that surely irritates you. If the pore is clogged with excess sebum (oil) then that can cause pigmentation.

HOW TO TREAT ACNE? 1. Retinoids and Salicylic acid can help with non inflammatory acne while benzoyl peroxide can help with inflammatory acne. If at-home treatments don’t clear your acne make sure you go a skin specialist as you may need antibiotics to help you clear your acne.

2. When treating acne, be the most proactive ever. Ladies, if you know you face hormonal acne prior to getting your period, use your actives as soon as possible, not even a week before but for the whole month, choose the right product to avoid it at any cost. The idea here is to prevent it and to be consistent.

3. Big NO-NO: DO NOT pick or pop acne as this will only lead to discolored skin which you sure don’t want.

4. Use a good skincare routine with products that do not have oil in them so as not to clog your pores and always follow SUNBLOCK.

On a final note, Acne can affects your self esteem and your confidence and it’s important that you know that it doesn’t go away in a day. So be patient, be consistent, and don’t give up easily.

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