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Bakhoor incense

Fill your home with luxurious scents of Arabia


Bakhoor incense

​Bakhoor or Bakhur, an Arabic word which means Fumes, is vastly known for performing houses or surroundings. The term Bakhoor in this sense mainly refers to the wood chips that are soaked in fragrant Oud oils; which is the oil extracted from the rare Aquilaria tree. 

Bakhoor must be Burned to release its woody sweet smelling aroma. The burning / heating is normally done by using a charcoal placed in a Mabkhera, an Arabic word, meaning "the fumer" refering to the incense burner. Mabkheras come in different designs; they are made from either wood, metal, or ceramics. In today's modern world, there are also other ways to burn incense, such as using the electric incense burner. Although that may be an option, many prefer the original and coal burning Mabkharas as they are able to produce the best fragrance.

Burning bakhoor serves as a safer alternative to chemical air fresheners. The aroma has been seen to relieve stress and anxiety in breast cancer patients. It can also improve the sleep quality and lower systolic blood pressure.

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